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Hallmark Living Space

Its an SPV between Hallmark Infrastructure and Madison India Real Estate Fund, a FDI funded organisation for development of project in Chennai

Hallmark Infocity


Hallmark Energy

Perhaps, the world around us would come to a halt if there wasn't enough power. Despite the fact that demand has always exceeded the supply, the market is adding more and more power-hungry machines and gadgets. To meet this ever-growing demand, and to tap into one of the core infrastructure segments, Hallmark has decided to get into energy generation. The company which has recently been incepted is studying the various options available including the alternative cleaner and greener renewable forms of energy. A reflection of Hallmark's commitment to building a sustainable future.

Hallmark Capital

If money makes the world go round, the management of money plays a vital role in its economic expansion and contraction. And effective management of money -whether it's finding the right source of money when there's a need or investing the hard-earned money wisely when there's surplus - calls for a certain expertise. And that's something Hallmark has decided to offer to everyone. From individual customers to corporate houses. And help them manage their monies well.

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